BBM Mutfak stand draws great interest

04 May 20243 min reading

The 10th IDMA Istanbul Fair, boasting record attendance, is keeping the momentum going with a variety of events. At the IDMA Fair, which welcomed visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center the day before, the BBM Mutfak stand, organized by BBM Magazine and proudly sponsored by Özmen Un, remained the most vibrant and inviting attraction of the fair.

he second day of the “Taste the Future” discussions with BBM Mutfak saw another round of enthusiastic participation. The BBM Mutfak stand, supported by Özmen Un and organized by BBM Magazine, garnered significant interest from both attending companies and visitors alike.

During the BBM Mutfak event, moderated by Mine Ataman, a member of BBM Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board and supported by Altuntop Bakery Machinery and Buzkap Cooling, Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, highlighted the exhaustion of soils due to widespread chemical and pesticide use, stressing the importance of Regenerative Agriculture. “We’ve pushed our soils to the limit. With the projected world population reaching 10 billion by 2050, we anticipate a 60% increase in food production. However, agricultural land is diminishing due to population growth and urbanization. It’s estimated that a 2-degree rise in global temperatures will result in an 11-15% decrease in agricultural productivity. We need to equate a 2-degree global temperature rise with the impact on our bodies when our temperature rises by the same amount,” remarked Işıkgece. Also addressing the audience, Food Culture Writer Nazlı Pişkin suggested that the world may revert to ancient practices, particularly the consumption of fermented foods. Pişkin emphasized the significance of fermented products, traditionally made during times of abundance, in sustaining nutrition during periods of scarcity. She noted the enduring presence of various fermented products in the lands we inhabit for centuries.

Even cakes and baklava will be made with pulse flours

Işılay Reis Yorgun, Vice President of Reis Gıda, emphasized at the ongoing BBM Kitchen discussions during the IDMA Istanbul exhibition that pulses should play a more significant role on dining tables. Highlighting the increasing importance of pulses in human nutrition for the future, Yorgun remarked, “It’s essential for everyone to fulfill their responsibilities in food production. Our efforts regarding pulse flours are ongoing.” Yorgun also noted that advancements in technology will enable the production of various bakery products such as cakes, pastries, and baklava using pulse flours.

Artificial bread won’t be popular in Anatolia ever

Sedat Dereci, the bread chef of Ekmek İskelesi Kurusu and a prominent guest in the “Taste the Future” discussions with BBM Mutfak, observed a more than twofold increase in demand for healthy products post-pandemic. Dereci highlighted the surge in interest in sourdough bread and other organic offerings during the pandemic, remarking, “These lands are the birthplace of wheat; I doubt artificial bread will ever truly resonate here.”

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