BBM Mutfak unites flavors and conversations

03 May 20242 min reading

The 10th edition of IDMA Istanbul Fair opened its doors to visitors with intense participation. IDMA Fair, which opened yesterday at Istanbul Expo Center and will host its visitors until May 4, is witnessing colorful images. BBM Mutfak stand, organized by BBM Magazine and sponsored by Özmen Un, garnered significant interest from participants.

Speakers participating in the “Taste the Future” conversations with BBM Mutfak drew attention to the food trends of the future. Organized by BBM Magazine under the main sponsorship of Özmen Un, BBM Mutfak stand, which attracted great interest from visitors, hosted the protocol delegation. Mustafa Alkan, Deputy Governor of Istanbul, Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO), Haluk Tezcan, President of Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF), Erhan Özmen, Chairman of Özmen Un, Mesut Çakmak, Chairman of Southeastern Flour Industrialists Association, Aykut Göymen, Chairman of Turkish Pasta Industrialists Association, Mehmet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of IDMA and many other participants visited the BBM Mutfak stand.

At the BBM Mutfak event supported by Altuntop Bakery Machines and Buzkap Soğutma, the treats prepared by experienced chefs Muharrem Arıcı and Beyzanur Özmen throughout the day were served to the stand guests. Speaking at the opening of the “Taste the Future” talks, Tanfer Dinler, Master of Agriculture Engineer and social entrepreneur, gave advice to young food engineers. Dinler noted that yields increased exponentially in the regions where they worked to raise farmer awareness. Haluk Tezcan, President of the TUSAF, pointed out that many different flours are produced today thanks to the developing technology.

TMSD’s plaque ceremony at BBM mutfak

BBM Mutfak stand witnessed a successor-predecessor plaque ceremony as well as intense visits. Aykut Göymen, Chairman of Turkish Pasta Industrialists’s Association (TMSD), presented a plaque to Abdulkadir Külahçoğlu, who served as the previous Chairman of TMSD and is also an honorary member of TMSD. Stating that the stand of BBM Magazine, the leading publication of the sector, was chosen especially for the plaque ceremony, Aykut Göymen presented a plaque of appreciation on behalf of TMSD for his contributions to the Turkish pasta sector.

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