Taste the Future with BBM Mutfak

02 May 20243 min reading

At the event organized by BBM Magazine with the theme “Taste the Future with BBM Mutfak” within the framework of IDMA Istanbul Fair, esteemed speakers will share insights. Sponsored by Özmen Flour, the event will feature croissant, pizza, and bread demos alongside discussions that will illuminate the future of the sector.

BBM Mutfak, hosted within the IDMA Fair, presents a unique vision for the future of food by innovating tastes and experiences in the evolving agriculture and food industry. For years, with BBM Magazine, we’ve strived to enrich the bakery, biscuit, pasta, and cereal sectors while sharing valuable insights. Now, through BBM Mutfak, we aim to be even more accessible to you. Expect continuous agriculture and food-related content via our YouTube videos, podcasts, and social media platforms. BBM Mutfak Talks, featuring agricultural futurist Mine Ataman, will inspire discussions with diverse guests under the theme “Taste the Future” throughout the IDMA Istanbul Fair. These conversations will be translated into multiple languages and shared across various platforms throughout the year.

Mine Ataman

During the events moderated by Mine Ataman, expect engaging discussions with expert guests such as TUSAF President Haluk Tezcan, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece, TURİB Deputy General Director Assoc. Prof. Necla Küçükçolak, Ömer Tezel from USLA Academy, activist İlhan Koçulu, bread chef Uğur Koyuncu, and many others.

At BBM Mutfak, some of the topics to be thoroughly discussed include: Carbon Footprint, Waste, Thirst, Waste-Free Kitchen, Alternative Pulses, Functional Foods, Cultured Foods, Halal Food, and Ethics. We invite you to attend, enjoy, and share our excitement at the ‘Taste the Future’ talks organized under the Main Sponsorship of Özmen in Hall 3 of the IDMA Istanbul Fair, where you are currently a visitor.

‘We’ve been BBM Mutfak’s greatest supporter’

Erhan Özmen
Ozmen Un Chairman

Within the framework of IDMA Istanbul, the “Taste the Future” discussions with BBM Mutfak organized by BBM Magazine, sponsored by Özmen Flour, are underway. Erhan Özmen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Özmen Flour, highlighted the significance of IDMA Istanbul for the milling sector, stating, “IDMA Fairs hold immense value for our sector. If the Turkish flour industry currently leads global flour exports, it owes much to the technological advancements achieved by the Turkish milling machinery sector and IDMA Fairs have played a crucial role in the advancement of milling machines. Since its inception, I have made it a point not to miss IDMA Fairs. I closely monitor the sector’s progress and its remarkable journey. As we perceive BBM Magazine’s event as a well-suited platform for the sector, we have been its greatest supporter.”

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