CHEP renewed agreement with United Biscuits

25 February 20162 min reading
CHEP, the leader in pallet pooling services, renewed three year agreement with the leading biscuits producer United Biscuits (UB). UB which has been using CHEP pallet pooling system operates more than 3 million pallet handling service to England, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. h_74_12 Giving services to the leading brands in the world with its environment-friendly pallet pooling, CHEP will be working with United Biscuits (UB) which was acquired by Yıldız Holding for about three years more. Incorporating billion dollar brands such as McVitie’s, Jacob’s, Twiglets, Mini Cheddars, Carr’s, Delacre and Sultana, United Biscuits will be using CHEP’s environment-friendly pallets in the following three years in order to deliver its products to its customers in Europe. CHEP which has realized more than 3 million pallet handling in England, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg in Europe will be working with UB in the following three years. CHEP European Region Key Accounts and Solutions vice Manager Jorge Montano said about the renewed collaboration as follows: “Sustainability targets and gaining of United Biscuits match up with our principles and applications. We are quite happy and proud to be included in the company’s sustainability program and “Carbon Neutral Pallet Program” of CHEP’s once more. With our renewed agreement, we will continue to take carbon credit for global projects to reduce carbon emission in global level and to follow UB’s environmental footprint.” United Biscuits Sales Manager Rob Wright said about their collaboration with CHEP: “CHEP that is highly related with our logistics strategy and growing target in Europe and that has a comprehensive network is our number one supplier with its customer-oriented pallet pooling system and Premium pallet quality. CHEP both help us meet the demands of our customers at best and supply quality pallets that we require at any moment.”
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