Danish food company Palsgaard invest in Türkiye

07 December 20222 min reading

Danish Palsgaard, which has been operating in the food ingredients industry for over 100 years, opened an application center in Türkiye. The application center opened in an attempt to be closer to the Turkish Food Industry is the sixth center opened by the company in the world.

Danish Palsgaard, one of Europe’s major food ingredients companies, opened its sixth application center in Türkiye. With the application center officially opened in Maltepe, Istanbul, Palsgaard aims to serve the industrial food sector more closely with its technical know-how and infrastructure.

Palsgaard’s emulsifiers and emulsifier/stabilizer systems contribute to the quality and shelf life of bakery, chocolate, dairy, ice cream, and margarine products.

As the leader of plant-based emulsifiers and stabilizers for global food industries and food ingredients in some areas, the new address of Palsgaard’s application centers, which already exist in Denmark, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, and China, have become Türkiye. 

Palsgaard, which was born with innovation by finding the world’s first industrial commercial emulsifier and has been producing solutions for the food industry for 105 years and presenting them to the industry with application centers, established three application centers spread over 800 m2 in Istanbul during the pandemic period. With 653 employees in 17 countries, Palsgaard’s Türkiye office and application center employs 14 people. 

Palsgaard officials stated that they decided to invest in the rapid and healthy development of the Turkish Food Industry, giving value to innovation and its rapid growth in world markets. “We have taken an important step with the Türkiye application center and there will likely be other investments in the future along with the success of this place,” they said.

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