Depart and ISG Pack signed a collaboration agreement

27 July 20232 min reading

Depart Packaging Solutions add new packaging machines to its product range by signing an agency agreement with ISG Pack.

Alapala Holding Company’s group company Depart which is well known in milling spare part sales, innovative solutions and after-sales services, pasta spare parts, telescopic conveyor systems, sorting & rice machines and many packaging solutions; signed another agreement for the packaging industry.

With the collaboration made with ISG Pack, Depart now will work on wrapping machines, shrink wrap machines and vacuum machines too. The company which has been active in many countries of the world in the fields of horizontal & vertical primary packaging and end of line packaging systems, has taken its place in the market as a one stop shop that meets all needs of packaging.

Following the modern packaging technologies closely, Depart supports its customers flawless production with the same precision as in the milling field. With the assurance of Depart, the sales team meet their customers with reliable, customizable systems from A to Z according to their needs.

Now Depart will offer wrapping machines, shrink wrap machines and vacuum machines to meet the needs of all industries who use packaging.

From now on, Depart will manage the sales and marketing of ISG Pack in many countries around the world. With its worldwide distribution network, after-sales services and high customer satisfaction, Depart is rapidly advancing in the packaging field.

Under the name of “Depart Packaging Solutions”, Depart meets the needs of all sectors that uses packaging.

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