Ensar Endüstri, Returns From Dubai With New Co-operation

05 December 20172 min reading

Acclaimed for establishing turn-key factories, Ensar Endüstri has signed new cooperations in Dubai. The company started contacts with 32 companies.


Ensar Elektronik ve Mekanik Endüstri, Saray Holding’s Istanbul-based technology company, has achieved great success at the Gulfood Manufacturing Fair in Dubai. At the fair, the turnkey facilities and factories established by Ensar Endüstri by providing technology and knowhow with customized solutions have received intense interest from participants from Africa and Asia market. Ensar Endüstri started preliminary talks with 32 companies to set up manufacturing facilities for biscuit, wafer, cake, and sandwich-biscuit production immediately after the fair.

EYES ON ASIA AND AFRICA MARKETS Stating that the Gulfood Manufacturing Fair has been a real success, Managing Director for Trade at Ensar Endüstri, Kamil Özdağ has pointed out: “We export to Algeria, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Iran, Congo, Liberia, Germany, Mozambique, Egypt, Angola, Morocco and Senegal. Our goal is to grow in Asian and African geography. Today, rather than working with multiple suppliers, investors prefer to work with a single reliable business-savvy supplier, who solely offer them all the solutions they need. We, as Ensar Endüstri, have the necessary experience and expertise to provide this. Unlike our competitors, we are building complex turn-key snack production facilities by providing preparatory kitchens and packaging machines instead of just establishing production facilities for biscuits, cocoa-coated and sauce-filled cakes, wafers, crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and cream sandwich. Moreover, we can provide all the needs of these facilities ranging from raw material procurement, prescription and formulation support, training of production personnel, cost analysis, packaging materials, laboratory equipment and analysis.”

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