Ensar focused on a first in the world: “Solar-powered packaging machines”

25 February 20162 min reading
Being a subsidiary of Saray Holding, Ensar Elektronik ve Mekanik Endüstri A.Ş. brought in something new nowadays by resuming its R&D studies on its solar-powered packaging machine. bbm_16_7Ensar Elektronik ve Mekanik Endüstri A.Ş. which has been supporting the food companies that operate in fast moving consumer goods industry since 1996 is aiming to make a difference while at the same time producing technology. Transferring its presence in domestic market towards the foreign markets with its expert staff and industrial experiences, Ensar is now being prepared to bring in something new to the industry. Ensar is aiming to be distinguished from its competitors with its product quality, price advantage and various designs. In this respect, it has been working on a solar-powered packaging machine since 2015. Aiming to be a first with this project, the company names its project as self-powered hybrid machinery; also the R&D studies of the project continue. Making a statement about the issue, Saray Holding Head of Food Group Mehmet Ertabak said: “We are quite excited for our new project aiming to break new ground and to meet more than the needs and expectations. After a while, we will launch a solar-powered packaging machine by completing R&D studies that we care much for machinery production. Despite the effective economic fluctuations in Turkey and the world, we still continue to realize projects which are with special added value and which provide efficiency to the industry.
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