Erisler Gida is in the noodle market

30 April 20145 min reading
Being one of the top three companies in flour production of Turkey and among the top 100 exporters of Turkey, Erisler Gida entered to the Turkish noodle market with NUDO brand. Entering into the market assertively, the company aims to quadruple the 25 million-piece Turkish noodle market in 1 year. Exporting 240 thousand tons of flour to nearly 50 countries of the world in 2013, constituting an important added value for the country economy with the export figures over 100 million dollars; Erisler Gida started noodle production with NUDO brand as a result of the 3,5-year R&D studies. As the constant of the Far Eastern cuisine, noodle gets a proper formation to the Turkish palate with a completely natural and additive-free content thanks to NUDO. Providing a practical, square meal and a delicious alternative by being prepared in hot water in 3 minutes; NUDO will meet with the consumers with the products for table, in cups and bags. 64-YEAR FOOD INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO NUDO Erisler Gida Retail Group General Manager Abdullah Eris said the following in the launch meeting of NUDO: “Food production has become a matter of conscience in the 21st century. As Erisler Gida operating in the food industry for 64 years, we feel comfortable as we produce NUDO without using any additive harmful to health. MSG (Monosodium glutamate) that has been the subject of much debate in the eyes of consumers for years is not added into NUDO. NUDO does not include food colorant, artificial preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavors. Thus, we are happy that we bring together noodle that is consumed fondly by the employees, young people, kids and everyone from 7 to 70 with the consumers after giving it a natural and healthy form.” 150 MILLION-DOLLAR EXPORT IS AIMED Stating he believes that they will be the generic brand as the first Turkish company entered to this market, Abdullah Eris emphasized that NUDO will be the leader brand of Erisler Gida in the retail industry. Indicating that as Erisler Gida they exported 240 thousand tons of flour to nearly 50 countries of the world in 2013 and constituted an important added value for the country economy with the export figures over 100 million dollars, Abdullah Eris pointed out that they will transfer this experience to NUDO. Abdullah Eris counted European Union, neighboring countries and also African and Middle Eastern countries among the ones which are the primary target markets planned for exporting NUDO in the next period. Stating that they have a significant potential in the export thanks to the facts that noodle consumption all around the world has increased rapidly and NUDO is healthy with additive-free formula, Abdullah Eris said that they aim to realize 150 million-dollar NUDO export in 2023. 104 BILLION OF NOODLES ARE CONSUMED AROUND THE WORLD In his explanation, Erisler Gida Retail Group Sales Manager Niyazi Hamzaoglu explained how they entered into the noodle market. Stating that they started their journey with the question of ‘Why there is not any noodle matching our palate in Turkey?’, Niyazi Hamzaoglu pointed out the increasing noodle consumption in the world and said the following: “Having 5 thousand-year history, noodle is consumed more and more each passing day due to that the fast life trend is increasingly spread in the entire world and it is suitable for the life preferences of the young population. When the figures are reviewed; noodle consumption throughout the world in 2012 reached to 102 billion. When the figures of the neighboring countries of Turkey are reviewed; it is seen that 2,1 billion packages of noodle in Russia, 590 million in Saudi Arabia, 150 million in Turkic Republics like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and 200 million in Germany are consumed. In 2022, noodle consumption will exceed 200 billion packages.” “WE WILL REACH 150 MILLION-SALES FIGURES” Stating that the noodle market in Turkey has not been matured yet, Niyazi Hamzaoglu indicated that 10 million packages were sold in 2012 and 25 million packages in 2013. Saying that with NUDO their target is to quadruple the market size of their first year target, pointed out that they aim 70 million packages of NUDO sales in 2014 and 150 million packages in 2015. Pointing that NUDO will be the leading brand in the market with its practical, qualified, healthy and innovative vision; Hamzaoglu said that they have taken their places at national, discount and local retail points. Hamzaoglu added that they will carry NUDO to the points where direct target groups are with the alternative sales channels in the next period. 100 MILLION-DOLLAR EXPORT Starting out as a little business in Anatolia, today Erisler Gida has transformed into a group that exports 240 thousand tons of flour to nearly 50 countries in the world (in 2013) and constitutes added value for the country economy with the export figures exceeding 100 million dollars. Over 400 employees are hired in the companies of Erisler Gida. Having an annual endorsement of over 430 million TL, Erisler Gida’s 2023 target is to form 400 million-dollar export input. There are wholesale and retail groups under Erisler Gida. Eris Un is under the wholesale with its sub-brands. Eris Un and Ozde are under the retail group. Under Ozde, vegetable oil and premium flour brands will be put on the market after NUDO.
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