GoodMills Innovation spotlights top taste and sustainability

29 September 20212 min reading

iba Connecting Experts, October 2021: The motto of GoodMills Innovation’s trade fair presence is ”Tasty future”

 Taking part in the virtual trade fair “iba Connecting Experts”, GoodMills Innovation will be showcasing contemporary solutions for sustainable enjoyment. The company is presenting ingredients within four categories: Pure Indulgence, Sustainably Healthy, Vegan & Tasty and Sustainable Process Optimisation. Thus, the baking experts offer diverse solutions for the most varied requirements of future-oriented bakeries. However, all products have one thing in common - excellent processing properties and the very best taste.

The appeal of artisanal baked goods is becoming increasingly attractive to consumers. With its Slow Milling® range, the company pays homage to the craft of baking. This means clean label ingredients such as natural ferments, a wide variety of mono-components and ancient grain flours that perfectly meet the demand for excellent taste and an authentic, handcrafted look. In addition to the Slow Milling® range, SMART® high-protein flours can also be used to produce additive-free baked goods with excellent dough properties. Thanks to the high protein content, wheat or spelt doughs become very elastic, allowing for the production of baked goods with impressive volume.

Sustainably healthy

Besides being interesting from a technical point of view, "High protein" is an enduring nutritional trend too. The GOOD Spelt Protein Concentrate from GoodMills Innovation enables the production of protein-rich baked goods from 100% spelt. In addition, the concentrate also provides plenty of dietary fibre.

GOOD Fibres 10+1, a high-fibre compound for the production of baked goods, makes use of the added health value of fibre, which is provided from ten different sources for a diverse, and therefore healthy, microbiome.

Vegan & delicious

Plant-based nutrition is another growing trend. With the VITATEX® and Wheatmeat® ranges, the company demonstrates that the vegan megatrend and delicious baked goods can be the perfect pairing. Whether as a snack filling in puff pastry, yeast dough pockets or as a delicious "baker's burger", the pea, soy and wheat-based texturates are ideal for outstanding plant-based alternatives to meat. Furthermore, texture and taste can be adjusted according to individual requirements.

Sustainable process optimisation

In addition to a sustainable selection of ingredients, the optimisation of operational processes is an important factor for sustainably managed companies. For example, by using special process flours from GoodMills Innovation, workflows can be improved and the use of raw materials reduced.

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