Groundbreaking agreement by DESMÜD and İDMA for milling sector

08 January 20244 min reading

The Association of Turkish Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD), and İDMA International Fair have officially sealed a groundbreaking collaboration agreement, marking a pivotal moment for the milling industry. This agreement, perceived as a significant stride toward the innovative and sustainable future of the milling sector, is expected to elevate the industry's visibility on a global scale, amplifying its impact in the international arena.

The critical agreement to enhance the competitive strength of the Turkish milling industry was signed by Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, President of The Association of Turkish Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD), and Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of İDMA International Fair. Demirtaşoğlu expressed his excitement about the collaboration and highlighted the potential to strengthen Turkey's position in the global milling sector after the signatures were exchanged. Demirtaşoğlu stated, “As DESMÜD, we continue to take strategic steps for the development of our sector. The signatures we have put down open a new era for Turkey in the national and international realms of the milling sector. This meaningful collaboration will further enhance Turkey's potential in the milling industry and contribute to gaining a significant position on international platforms. Our partnership with İDMA Expo offers a great opportunity for the promotion of our industry, innovation and increasing our competitiveness in the international arena. This cooperation will enable the milling industry to move towards an innovative and sustainable future.  The coming together of the two institutions will enable sharing the latest technologies in the sector, supporting research and development activities and disseminating the best practices in the sector.”


Demirtaşoğlu, expressing their continuous efforts to enhance the competitiveness of their members and strengthen collaborations within the industry, stated, “With this cooperation, Türkiye's milling sector will become more visible worldwide and increase its impact in the global arena. As DESMÜD, we believe that this cooperation will bring great benefits to our industry and our members. Together with İDMA Fair, we will continue to work for more innovation, cooperation and growth in the milling industry. With this co-operation, we look forward to the further internationalisation of our industry and the full realisation of Türkiye's potential in milling. We wish that our cooperation will be beneficial for the milling industry and our country.”