High Quality Solutions for Pasta Production: Anselmo Combined Line

28 November 20163 min reading
Anselmo combined line has been selected by Durum Gıda to produce bows and nest shapes, in their Mersin Pasta Factory. The line provides high product quality, cost effective investment, reliable and space saving solution for bows and nest pasta production. anselmo

One of the most important companies worldwide in pasta equipment, Anselmo, installed its new Combined Line in Mersin Pasta Factory of Durum Gıda, producer of well-known Arbella brand and top class supplier of most prestigious international private labels. The new line is able to produce 1500 Kg/h of nests and 1.000 Kg/h of bows. With this new line Durum Gıda is now the only pasta producer of nests in Turkey and, considering the production capacity of previous bows line, one of the biggest producer of bows as well. According to the statement of the company, Durum Gıda has selected this innovative line confirming its trust in Anselmo, due to distinguishing technical and technological characteristics of Anselmo traditional lines, and the excellent after-sales assistance service, Durum Gıda has experienced since the beginning of their Pasta Business.

UNIQUE CONSTRUCTIVE SYSTEM Anselmo Combined Line is characterized by a unique constructive system, able to produce top quality nests with efficiency levels never reached before for such a difficult product and to produce, as well, with the same line, bows in a very easy way with extremely short set up time. Change from nest to bows production (or vice versa), can be done with a simple instruction on the computerized line control system. The line will self-adjust all the production process parameters: ingredient dosing system, production capacity, speed of product transport system, drying parameters, storage of final product, etc.

The line is equipped with a nest unit and two stamping machines which are installed in fixed position. Not necessary, therefore, to move anything but simply to activate, via SW, the selected equipment. Set-up time is, therefore, the same like a change from standard shape to bows, in a traditional short cut line while, from Bows to Nests, the set-up takes only 10 minutes; in other words, the time necessary to change the die.

HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY AND COST-EFFECTIVE INVESTMENT The nest, as it happens on trays lines, is dried in the best way, since the air goes on the whole product surface. When released on the belt by the forming unit, the nests naturally “spread itself” due to dough elasticity: this allows a better passage of the drying air and gives to the nest the traditional shape of the handcrafted product.

Pasta producers can introduce nests in their assortment, avoiding spending money in a dedicated line. With a single line they can produce standard short cut pasta, or nests, or special short cut shapes (like bows or Jumbo shapes), reducing the risk of capital immobilization for a line which, for several years, could NOT be saturated with the production of “special” products only.

RELIABILITY AND SPACE SAVING Nests can be produced at extremely competitive costs, due to high line reliability. The line, as a matter of fact, is a special short cut line where, beside standard and special short cut shapes, it is possible to produce, as well, nests.

For those pasta producers having limited available space this line represents an ideal solution. In the same space of a traditional short cut line (only a little bit longer), it is possible to get an assortment of products which, till yesterday, would have been possible only with two different lines.

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