IDMA to be held in South America, Africa and Asia following Istanbul

03 April 20194 min reading

IDMA, one of the world’s largest meeting point of milling machines, cereals and pulses processing industry, is opening up to the world from Turkey, the motherland of wheat. Parantez Group, gathering the sector under its umbrella for the eighth time in Istanbul, decided to organize IDMA in South America, Africa, and Asia following the demands of organizing the fair also in different regions of the world.

idma_dunya_bbm31IDMA - International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, hosts thousands of professional investors from all around the world for the eighth time on 20-23 March 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center. Nearly 200 international brands in milling, cereals and pulses processing technologies from 26 countries will open their booths and present their latest technologies. The IDMA Exhibition, where 155 billion dollar wheat and 5 billion dollar flour market technologies are exhibited, will be the platform of the sector once again with more than 7 thousand visitors across 105 countries.

Parantez Group, the organizer of the fair, is confident that IDMA will delight both the exhibitor and the visitor this year. “We will bring together the world milling sector. All eyes will be on IDMA.” says

Zubeyde Kavraz, General Manager of the Parantez Group. Reminding that IDMA 2017 Exhibition aroused interest with more than 7 thousand visitors from different nationalities, Ms. Kavraz states they expect more visitors this year. According to him, countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Kazakhstan will be prominent in terms of visitors.

Kavraz said that exhibitors and visitors from different regions of the world have expressed their appreciation for the success of IDMA and that they are facing the demands of organizing the fair also in other regions of the world. Kavraz, announced that Parantez Fair will organize exhibitions to bring the sector together in South America, Africa, and Asia on top of Istanbul.

Parantez Group General Manager emphasized that one of the most important tools in terms of business development and marketing in international markets where there is fierce competition in every field is fairs. “IDMA has played a significant role in strengthening the brand awareness of the companies serving in the milling sector, assisted them to reach new customers, diversify their markets and establish new export links. IDMA has become a platform for technology, information and innovation transfer in this industry. The companies that participated here increased their sales, enjoyed the opportunity to exhibit their new products and get in contact with customers who they could not reach with direct sales. All sector stakeholders (producers, investors, engineers, academicians) participating in IDMA were able to meet under one roof to discuss the problems of the sector and to discuss solutions. Our friends, who have seen these contributions, demanded that the fair take place in their own countries too. Now I think it is time to respond to these demands. Counting on our experience in this sector and the network we obtained with 85 thousand professionals and sector representatives across five continents, we decided to organize IDMA in Africa, Asia, and South America,” she said.

TOP-END PARTICIPATION IN FLOUR, FEED, AND PULSES SUMMIT TABADER will conclude two more important events other than training simultaneously with IDMA. TABADER will carry the Gathering of Doyens to the international arena thanks to IDMA Fair’s international network in 2019. As part of the 2nd Gathering of Doyens and Award Ceremony, which be held be in WOW Hotel in conjunction with IDMA Fair on 20 March 2019, the organization will present awards to those who contributed to the sector for at least half a century on cereal and pulse milling and their technologies around the world.

Before the International Gathering of Doyens and the Award Ceremony, TABADER will host “IFP-2019 International Flour, Feed, Pulses Summit. In the summit, future, global economy, expectations, export/import, strategies and foresights related to grains, pulses, flour and feed industries will be evaluated with the valuable panelists. The summit is very important to all-sides in the sector, therefore there is a big attendance by the associations, delegates and companies. In the summit, TABADER’s valuable panelists are Mr. Ahmet Güldal, Turkish Grain Board General Manager; Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuly; Mr. Erhan Özmen, Chairman of Southeast Flour Producers Association; Mr. M. Ülkü Karakuş, Chairman of Feed Industrialists Association of Turkey; Ms. Antonina Sklyarenko, Head of Community of Pulses Producers and Customers.

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