Now Our Products Are TUBITAK - Approved

05 December 20174 min reading

Producing German licensed bakery materials in the early years of establishment, Özköseoğlu AŞ has skipped to domestic production today. The company has achieved success in the sector with its latest product Gold series rotary-rack ovens approved by TUBITAK.


Turkish bakery sector is rapidly developing technologically. One of the important representatives of companies playing an important role in this development is Özköseoğlu Isı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. The company has a market share of 60 percent in bakery group in the domestic market and is in an assertive status in exportation. The annual production capacity of half-century old Özköseoğlu producing in its factory located in an area of 17 thousand square meters in Istanbul with 25 engineers and 175 qualified employees is 1000 bakery ovens, 500 cake ovens, 1600 dough machines and 20 full-automatic continuous bread factories.

Performing important works both domestically and internationally in Turkish bakery industry, Özköseoğlu was established in 1962 to manufacture and engage in industrial heating devices. Producing industrial ovens and industrial burners in early years of its establishment with various licenses obtained from American, Swiss and French companies, the company has currently skipped to full local production.

Stating that innovations in industrial bakery sector direct to the country’s bakery sector, Gökhan Aybat, General Manager of Özköseoğlu Isı Sanayi said that they produced multi-floor ovens and dough preparation and handling machinery in 1973. Aybat recorded that Özköseoğlu which started to produce full-automatic continuous bread facilities in 1977 and rotary-rack ovens in 1983 is the instructor of the change in country’s national bakery.

Gökhan Aybat stated that Gold series rotary rack ovens which are the latest product of Özköseoğlu producing baking units, dough handling machinery and auxiliary equipment for bakery products sector have succeeded to draw bakers’ attention with its baking quality and quiet operation features.

ENERGY SAVING AT 30 PERCENT Stating that Özköseoğlu which has a big market share in the domestic market of bakery group has 7 thousand 500 bread factories operating in Turkey, and 1620 factories operating in the abroad, Aybat continued:

Özköseoğlu has recently added innovative, visual and functional ovens and auxiliary equipment that are mostly needed by its customers to its product ranges with intensive investments in research and development. We do not only design ovens needed by the customers. We also add energy-saving furnaces which will contribute to the national economy to our product ranges.

With our half-century experience in the sector, we have produced our rotary oven approved by TUBITAK in 2016. In order to receive superior quality and product baking results in taste, the furnace equipped with cutting-edge technology provides both excellent baking performance and energy conservation at 30 percent thanks to its high-performance oven firebox. Being capable of providing steam in high amounts and shorter times with heat recovery system, the oven provides an opportunity to bake high-quality products at high efficiency, but lower costs thanks to its powerful steam system. New generation Gold series rotary-rack bread oven is an ideal choice for places requiring big production capacity such as patisserie, bakery, restaurant, central manufacturing, hotel, etc. It prevents steam leakage thanks to its special door insulation. In addition, it has indirect heating features and it operates with forced air circulation system and is equipped with the steam system, so it provides the best baking conditions for bakery products.

GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT MINIMIZED Cost increases in especially energy resources affect the costs of fuel which is one of the production items. Producers have been directed to produce more efficient products consuming less fuel. As Özköseoğlu, our project “Energy-Saving Oven” started two years ago in this scope has been completed by our R&D department and approved within the scope of the project we conducted with TUBITAK.

With our products consuming less fuel we have just produced, we not only reduce the costs of our customers, but also minimize the greenhouse gas effect with environment-friendly products by reducing the amount of hot gas releasing from oven stacks.

We have started a campaign of replacing older ovens with newer ones. This will not only ensure lowering fuel costs with energy-saving products, but also be a solution to the problems of our customers with older products. Considering wearing, deficient insulation, a malfunction in the drive systems, increasing maintenance costs and damages to parts of machinery removed as a result of underperformance which is the most important one in older ovens over time, enterprises cannot be aware how much expense they make while working in a busy pace. As Özköseoğlu, we are proud to see that our older products produced within our 55 years of history in the sector are still being used. Feedback from our customers shows us that reliability of our brand is increasing day by day. High commitment of our customers makes us work harder to create innovations with a high motivation every day.

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