OBA makarna establishes shipping company due to container crisis

10 August 20212 min reading

Oba Makarna established a shipping company to overcome the bottleneck caused by the container crisis in logistics. The company named Savana Shipping has invested in 10 thousand containers along with two 18 thousand-ton container ships.

While the container crisis, which broke out with the pandemic, continued to grow, some industrialists, who became unable to do business, started to deliver solutions on their own. According to the report by Aysel Yücel of Dünya daily, buying two container ships, Oba Makarna established its own shipping company. An Aegean exporter, on the other hand, chose to ship its cargo with a dry cargo. Industry representatives foresee that the tendency towards such alternative solutions will increase. Gaziantep-based Oba Makarna, leading global pasta producer with its exports to more than 85 countries, has become a ship-owner by purchasing two container ships. Oba Makarna CEO Musa Özgüçlü said that they were unable to do business due to the problems in logistics and therefore they decided to establish their own shipping company. Musa Özgüçlü announced that they have recently established Savana Shipping. There will be 2 ships in Savana's navy in the first place. Used ships have been purchased earlier this month. Özgüçlü said that they will take delivery of two 18-ton container ships by the end of the week. Özgüçlü said that they have also made an investment of 10 thousand containers. The company will ship pasta from Mersin to Africa and South America with these vessels. Özgüçlü stated that the new company will only transport the goods of Oba Makarna in the first place.

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