Cane bread with green tea powder

10 August 20212 min reading

The cane bread of Rize province, which has received the geographical indication registration, was made with green tea powder. The bread prepared and baked by bread expert Mine Ataman was highly appreciated.

Mine Ataman, founder of Seed Platform and bread expert, made Rize's cane bread with green and black tea powder grown by Çaykur. Mine Ataman, member of BBM Magazine's Publication Consultancy Board and founder of Seed Platform, who collaborated with Rize Chamber of Bakers President Refik Kumbasar and Rize Tradesmen Chambers Union President Güven Aksoy, said that through innovative works they carry the bakery heritage to the future. Stating that the bakery is an ancestral legacy of the Rize people, Ataman said that healthy touches were made to the bread in order to carry it into the future. Ataman emphasized that antioxidants are very valuable for human health and added: "Our cane bread with geographical indication is very valuable. We have particularly produced one with green tea powder. It has a very high antioxidant level and contains polyphenols. It beautifies the skin and regulates the digestive system. In this sense, we think that the cane bread with geographical indication will be appreciated throughout the country." The cane bread of Rize received geographical indication with the contributions of the Rize Municipality and the Rize Chamber of Bakers. President of the Rize Chamber of Bakers, Refik Kumbasar, explained that cane bread has been made in Rize for centuries. Noting that they are working for the publicity of cane bread, Kumbasar noted that their bread fortification studies are going on.

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