Özmen Un at the top in international food safety

25 September 20202 min reading

Producing quality, healthy and nutritious flours with wheat milled in Turkey's first dark mill, Özmen Un received international food safety standards certificate from the UK.

Özmen Un, which established the first dark mill facility in Turkey by applying Industry 4.0, continues to pioneer innovations in the industry. Özmen Un has received the BRC Global Food Standard certificate with Grade A rating from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). BRC Food Safety Standard, a world-known certification type acknowledged in more than 100 countries and with over 20,000 certified suppliers worldwide, is regarded as the best standard that can be applied to ensure the trust of customers and suppliers for companies that aim to open up to the global market. “We are at the top of international food safety standards! As Özmen Un, we received the BRC Global Food Standard certificate at “Grade A” rating! Since the first day when we started production; we always apply food safety, hygiene and healthy production at the highest level. We are happy and proud to present products to everyone who produces flour that they can consume safely,” read a statement made by Özmen Un about the topic. The BRC Global Food Standard is adopted by food suppliers around the world, especially by organizations supplying products for UK retail organizations. BRC Global Food Standard is designed for sellers supplying food products to British retailers regardless of product or country of origin. Certification according to the standard helps manufacturers, brand owners and retailers fulfill their legal responsibilities while ultimately becoming the protector of the consumer.

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