Pakmaya works 24/7 to meet the demand

05 June 20202 min reading

Turkish people mostly observed the ‘stay at home’ calls from the government to slow down coronavirus pandemic. Many people preferred to bake their bread at home and rushed to supermarkets to buy flour and bread yeast. Pakmaya is non-stop working to supply the yeast for citizens staying and baking at home.

Awareness campaigns against coronavirus pandemic have paid off. People are staying at home for their own health and public health. As they don’t want to go out and spend quality time, they started to bake their bread at home. As a result bread yeast is sold like hotcakes. New bakers shared their experiences on their social media accounts and baking at home has become the new trend. However customers outcried when they saw that bread yeast shelves are empty. Yeast maker Pakmaya made a statement from its social media accounts and promised to make its best to meet this unprecedented demand: “We try hard to make our products available for consumers. All factories and plants are operating with full capacity to meet this extraordinary demand. We are taking all necessary measures to supply bread-making ingredients and food components. We are also taking all measures against Covid-19 at all plants in Turkey and Europe.”

BAKING AT HOME IS THE NEW TREND As more people started to make their bread at home, online content about baking has become popular. Internet traffic for baking bread loaves increased by 2400%. Unleavened bread content pulls 1100% more traffic now. Content showing how to bake bread in a pan is 530% more popular compared with the period before Covid-19.

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