Participation to IDMA will keep snowballing

29 May 20192 min reading

erhan_ozmen_idma201911[1]Chairman of the Board of Directors of Southeast Flour Industrialists Association Erhan ÖZMEN: You are in a giant country of 80 million with an average age of 29. This country has huge potential. As you know, this country has become a major contributor to world flour trade for the last five years. Turkey’s machinery industry has also great potential. This sector is performing 10 percent of Turkey’s total exports. They reached an export volume of $ 16-17 billion. Until Google emerged, the most difficult thing in the world was information. The most difficult subject was knowledge. Access to information became easier after Google emerged. Now the most difficult thing in the world is to reach a dialogue with people, product, customer and the world. However, thanks to this kind of services, a significant organization is gathering involving both the producer and the consumer. And here, the name of this service is Parantez Fair and IDMA. I am talking about a family that has specialized in this sector for 16 years, traveling around the globe and doing its job with passion. Today, when you look at the point where Germany, a world giant, reached there is a very magical topic underneath. Germany is a country that reaches 4 trillion dollars in gross domestic product. Its population is 83 million. Almost the same with Turkey. Do you know what they have done? One day they decided to support specialization in Germany. They chose 1307 companies. They said to those 1307 companies that everyone should operate in their own field. Nobody violated anyone’s field. The selected companies carry Germany to the top of the world. I congratulate Parantez Fair Organization with my heart. Parantez has specialized in these fair organizations. It brought over 200 companies from all over the world today and I think it will grow like an avalanche. I strongly believe that these works, which are supported by the entrepreneurial Turkish sector, will achieve even more successful projects. I congratulate them.

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