Production at İstanbul public bread factories increases by 24%

03 March 20222 min reading

The increase in bread prices led people to consume the public bread more. Bread production in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factories has increased by 24 percent in the last year.

Özgen Nama, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Inc., shared the 10-year production figures of Public Bread Factories. 

When analyzing the 10-year data, it is observed that bread production has increased by 24 percent in the last year. The monthly production of the regular bread, which was 31,804,168 loaves in December 2020, increased by 23.8% in December 2021 up to 39,378,656 loaves. 

A similar increase is seen in daily bread production figures. The daily bread production, which was 1,223,237 loaves in December 2020, increased to 1,514,564 loaves in December 2021, reaching the highest production amount of all time. The highest daily increase in the last 10 years was experienced in December 2013 with 1,299,475 units. 

When we look at the beginning of each year, January 2022 draws attention as the month with the highest production increase. While 1 million 477 thousand 354 loaves of bread were produced last month, this figure corresponds to an increase of 24 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. In January 2021, the city's Public Bread produced 1 million 192 thousand 330 loaves of bread. The lowest bread production among Januaries was realized in 2018 with 873 thousand 782 loaves of regular bread. 

Having a look at the data of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factories shared by Özgen Nama, it can be seen that there is a steady increase in variety bread production. Variety bread production which was 178 thousand 824 in January 2012, was 294 thousand 58 in 2013, 397 thousand in 2014, 533 thousand in 2017, 767 thousand in 2019, 804 thousand in January 2021, and 1 million 118 thousand in January 2022. 

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