Public Bread Factory in Hadımköy to be ready in Ramadan

28 January 20222 min reading

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Public Bread Factory, which is under construction in Hadımköy and has been completed at a rate of 90 percent, will become active in Ramadan. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu announced through his social media account that the Public Bread factory in Istanbul Hadımköy will start production soon.

Inspecting the facility, İmamoğlu explained that they accelerated the process since March last year. “Despite the challenges experienced in the supply processes, we intend to make our first production in March. Here we will produce the highest quality bread in the world. Here, a sourdough-based production will be made. This will be a facility that produces sourdough. There will be gluten-free production and a biscuit production facility as well. There will be a recreational area next to the factory. This will be a place that produces the healthiest, most hygienic, most beautiful, and most diverse bakery products for Istanbul residents," İmamoğlu said. 

“We want to start production in March. We will prepare a 10-year strategy plan for Public Bread. We will ensure that it is an exemplary institution and facility for the world. We would prefer this facility offers the most beautiful and hygienic bakery products in an environment where the economy has improved with full employment and high-income levels for Istanbul, and all provinces of Turkey, instead of the hardest times of poverty. I hope we can taste our fragrant bread and Ramadan pita together here. Best wishes on this facility.”

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