Qu Dongyu becomes new director-general of FAO

01 August 20191 min reading

Qu Dongyu is elected as the new director-general of Agricultural and Food Organization of the United Nations (FAO), headquartered in Rome, Italy. The election for the FAO General Directorate was won by the Chinese Qu, who outvoted rivals, French Catherine Geslain-Laneelle, and Georgian Davit Kirvalize. Qu, Laneelle, and Kirvalize won 108, 71 and 12 votes respectively in the election where 191 FAO members voted in total. “I want to thank my homeland after 40 years of open policy and successful reform,” said Qu Dongyu, the 9th Director-General of FAO history and the first Chinese to be elected to this post, in his thank-you speech. Qu Dongyu promised modern and digital agricultural incentives to the regions with poverty, hunger, and drought during the election campaign and emphasized that China’s New Silk Road project includes significant investments to third world countries.

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