Share of Bakery Products in Industrial Margarine Market

26 September 20201 min reading

For a healthy nutrition, 30 percent of the daily energy taken should come from fat. Like water, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fat is one of the basic nutritional elements that our body needs. When the fats are consumed at the recommended levels, it enables the body functions to be performed. It is necessary to consume the recommended levels of fat and maintain this balance for proper nutrition. The rapid increase in the use of industrial margarines, whose world market is close to 3 billion dollars, in bakery products indicates that this market will grow even more.

In almost all margarines produced in our country, the rate of trans fat has been reduced to below 1%. Therefore, foods produced using margarine such as biscuits, crackers, bakery products, chocolate products and wafers do not contain trans fat, either. Although trans-free brings a huge cost burden in terms of its production, a sensitive production is made in our country as in Europe and America. Turkey margarine manufacturers have been voluntarily performing trans fat-free production since 2007. For this reason, not only margarines but also some other products have the “no trans fat” logo.

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