"FRITSCH: A strong MULTIVAC brand"

26 September 20207 min reading

Ali Suat Öz MULTIVAC Turkey Managing Director

MULTIVAC Turkey Managing Director Ali Suat Öz, shared the details regarding the integration of FRITSCH with MULTIVAC Group and the trends in the bakery industry with us.

As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging and processing solutions all around the world, MULTIVAC successfully carries on its operations and investments in more than 141 countries with approximately 6,500 employees. Ali Suat Öz, Managing Director of MULTIVAC Turkey, shared the details regarding the integration of FRITSCH with MULTIVAC Group and the trends in the bakery industry with us.

"The FRITSCH name, which is associated with a long tradition, stands for almost 100 years of experience, success and continuity in equipment for dough processing" Stating that the decision of acquiring FRITSCH was taken strategically considering the potential of the bakery pro ducts sector in Turkey, Ali Suat Öz said, “As MULTIVAC, we continue to strategically expand our portfolio addressing the processes before and after packaging. As you know, Germany-based FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of bakery products and dough processing machines and lines, had joined the MULTIVAC Group as of 2019. FRITSCH, associated with a long tradition, stands for almost 100 years of experience, success and continuity in dough processing equipment. As it is known, the bakery products market is a growing sector in global markets as well as in our national market and FRITSCH has an outstanding worldwide reputation in this sector. FRITSCH, now a strong MULTIVAC brand, will help to reveal a significant potential by creating more customer loyalty both in our country and in global markets thanks to the worldwide sales and service network of the MULTIVAC Group. We will continue to expand our presence in the bakery products, confectionery and bakery foods sectors in our country and global markets, with our quite challenging integrated automatic packaging line projects, including FRITSCH's processing solutions that we have implemented in recent years," he said.

"We offer integrated processing and packaging solutions from a single source" In the portfolio of MULTIVAC, there are integrated processing and packaging solutions for the bakery industry, ranging from different types of bread, pizza dough and Ramadan pitas, filled and unfilled croissants to Danish cakes, as well as many traditional products such as Turkish simit. Sharing these solutions with us, Ali Suat Öz said, “Simple dough sheeter and cutting machines for bakery products and dough processing, advanced solutions for different needs such as cutting, rotating, wrapping that can offer flexible operation in a wide range of products with or without filling, and industrial solutions that can meet these needs at very high capacities are available in our portfolio. On the purely packaging side, depending on the type of product, we are presenting our MAP (Modified atmosphere packaging) solutions that reduce the microbiological activities of the products to minimum levels by giving or removing certain amounts of food gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.) into the package, thus extending the shelf life of bakery products, in our thermoforming and tray sealing machines. Our MAP solutions extend the shelf life of the products, reduce the economic losses of the producers and optimize the stock and logistics costs. It allows the end consumer to consume the products healthily and freshly. In addition to these solutions, we are capable of setting up "tailor-made" integrated lines from a single source with our automation solutions applicable to labeling, weighing, inspection and all processes before and after packaging.”

"We observe a trend towards more product differentiation in the market" Ali Suat Öz stated that they have a high level of know-how in all areas of dough processing. “Recently, we have observed a trend towards more product differentiation in the market. This is not just in terms of a greater product variety; it is also the case in the number of new products that contain completely natural ingredients or are functional. Dough processes and types are of course becoming more diverse, as are in the demands for FRITSCH solutions. There is a trend towards a higher level of product differentiation, for example in the artisan products such as baguettes and rustic bread, for a greater variety and for gluten-free products. Consumers now want to see as many different and functional bakery products as possible in the breadbasket on the breakfast table. Our highly flexible dough processing systems are ideal also for these trends. With single FRITSCH equipment, many bakery products with different sizes, shapes and contents can be produced. The same is true for the systems we offer for croissant and patisserie products. In addition, with our "MULTITWIST pretzel machine" which can produce up to 20.000 products per hour, we encounter a growing interest in twisted products both in our country and in global markets. In addition, a significant trend towards larger products is also present in the market,” he said.

"While the Covid-19 pandemic has raised expectations on the cleanliness and hygiene of bakery products, it also increased the demand for packaged products" Ali Suat Öz shared his views on the Covid-19 pandemic that brought social and economic life to a halt and said, “The Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, has raised consumer expectations on the cleanliness and hygiene of bakery products, as in many products in the food sector. Bakery products are a sector where unpackaged products are heavily involved in our country. The need for packaging solutions has emerged as a trend that guides the purchasing preferences of the consumers in the 'new normal' that emerged with the Covid-19 outbreak, as it protects from physical contact with the external environment and creates a hygiene barrier against contamination. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry's decision to pack bakery products such as bread and bread varieties, cakes, muffins, cookies, supports this trend in consumer behavior during this period. In this process, offering food products to the end consumers in accordance with the contact and hygiene rules in packaging, process, storage and logistics stages became important, while the final consumers preferred packaged products in food safety and brands known for their high standards in hygiene. On the other hand, manufacturers have experienced closely that the zero-touch process, packaging and automation solutions in products with contamination risk fully meet the expectations of final consumers regarding cleanliness and hygiene. As MULTIVAC, we have worked in the field and provided consultancy and technical support to all our customers who we see as our business partners on packaging solutions in this process.”

Ali Suat Öz stated that along with the increasing demand during the pandemic process, the need for service and spare parts has also increased and concluded as follows: “In this process, we have implemented measures to ensure the continuity of our services by taking care of the health of our employees throughout the pandemic process in order to ensure that our customers' production is not interrupted and the food supply chain is not negatively affected. As MULTIVAC, we have provided maximum support to our customers in the delivery of food to the end consumers within the framework of hygiene rules. Considering also the needs of our customers in the bakery products sector in this critical process, we managed to provide our service and spare parts locally with our technical service team specialized in FRITSCH solutions.”

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