Covid-19 vaccine and wheat move...

25 September 20202 min reading

Editor Mustafa YAĞMURLU

Dear readers, We are together again with our 40th issue.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has loomed over like a nightmare on the world, continues to shake economies deeply. The pandemic cases, which are almost peaking again, are breaking new records every day. Manufacturers, industrialists, and employees, everyone has all their eyes and ears on vaccination studies.

Vaccination studies against the corona virus epidemic continue all over the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, a total of 176 vaccine trials for Covidi-19 are ongoing in more than ten countries including Turkey as of September 3, 2020. A total of 34 of these have passed the clinical trial phase and are being tested on humans. Also, 21 vaccine candidates continue their experiments with a wider audience.

Necessary measures are taken one after the other in the field of food. Wheat harvest has been completed across the country. It is stated that wheat production, which was 19 million tons in 2019, increased by 8 percent this year to 20.5 million tons. Unlike the previous periods, this year, apart from the Turkish Grain Board (TMO), many people unrelated to the industry purchased wheat for investment purposes.

As such, the price of the product soon exceeded the prices determined by the TMO as 1650 lira for hard bread wheat and 1800 lira for durum wheat per ton. After the harvest period in the country was over, the TMO opened wheat purchase tenders from abroad for precautionary purposes. In TMO's bread wheat tender, prices for 12.5 protein in 440 thousand tons of import deals were between 240-248 dollars / ton. It means these prices are inclusive of port expenses, Turkey delivery of 1850-1900 liras / ton. When we look at these figures, it is seen that the prices are above the sales prices of the TMO for October 2020. The TMO announced its October sales prices for bread wheat as 1775 liras per ton.

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