Sourdough bread strengthens immunity

23 July 20202 min reading

Stating that it is important to eat healthy against the corona virus, Dietitian Veysel Ciğerli said that if bread is to be eaten, sourdough will provide significant benefits. Nowadays, the fight against the corona virus pandemic continues, the importance of healthy nutrition and strengthening immunity becomes even more prominent. Underlining that regarding health concerns, bread should be consumed carefully, Ciğerli said, “While there are many points to be considered in bread consumption, a distinction should be made among the bread types in favor of sourdough bread. There are many active bacterial fungal cultures in sourdough. Therefore it is more probiotic. Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for the digestive and immune system. Another prominent feature of sourdough bread is its late staling. Bacteria and fungi in it digest the grain in bread in advance. Thus, it leaves you an easy-to-digest and healthy bread type.” Ciğerli listed the benefits of sourdough bread as follows: “Consuming sourdough bread, which is low in terms of glycemic index, which is defined as the blood sugar raising effect of food, increases also vitamin B12 in our body. It works with folic acid in the production of red cells and in the in the synthesis of DNA and myelin. Vitamin B12, which is involved in the synthesis of myelin sheaths surrounding the nerve cells, increases the speed of electrical signal transmission. It is involved in the reabsorption of amino acids and vitamin B12 synthesized by the body. It is also effective in the functions of minerals such as zinc and magnesium.”

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