SternEnzym to present custom enzyme solutions at iba

12 October 20233 min reading

Stern-Enzym GmbH & Co. KG of Ahrensburg, Germany is presenting innovative enzyme systems for the baked goods industry at this year’s iba, the world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery, and snacks, from 22 to 26 October in Munich. These custom solutions help manufacturers meet today’s challenges like sustainability, health, economy, and the latest consumer trends.

Enzymes play a key role in modern baked goods production. They improve not just baking properties, but the entire production process. SternEnzym has aligned its latest developments towards meeting current trends like the reduction of sugar and thereby calories, and the production of gluten-free products for allergy sufferers. A special feature for the exhibit is a presentation of crunchy wafers spread with sweet cocoa creme or fruity strawberry creme developed by the company. These wafer combinations are accompanied by a sweet and sour cream cheese preparation, in an impressive demonstration of versatile product development.

Wafer manufacturers in particular benefit from SternEnzym’s expertise. In Munich the company is presenting a wide range of custom-tailored enzyme solutions that improve quality, economy, and production efficiency. In the company’s own wafer lab, enzyme designers develop individual solutions for industrial wafer production, working from a versatile toolbox of enzymes and adapting them precisely to customer needs.

Another focus of the fair exhibit is enzymes that permit reduction of the amount of sugar in baked goods. This not only saves money as commodity prices and production costs rise, it also appeals to the growing cohort of health-conscious consumers. At iba, SternEnzym is also showing solutions for addressing rising consumer interest in gluten-free products. Specific enzymes enable the production of high-quality gluten-free wafer sheets that are just as stable and crispy as standard wafers.

In its solutions, SternEnzym places great emphasis on comprehensive customer care, from expert advice to targeted applications trials to practical testing on site. As part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, the company benefits from the expertise of a dynamic technology team and from close collaboration with well-regarded universities and research institutions. Intensive applications research is at the core of SternEnzym’s activities. It has extensive test facilities in the cutting-edge SternTechnology Center in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany. These enable custom solutions tailored exactly to the needs of the baking industry.

At its booth at the Munich fair, SternEnzym’s experts will inform visitors about the many uses and advantages of enzymes in baking. The improvement of dough properties is an important aspect of that. Different four varieties and unpredictable wheat quality frequently present problems for bakers. SternEnzym offers enzyme solutions that ensure consistently high baking quality despite these variables.

Baked goods freshness preservation is another focus. The freshness impression made by packaged bread is central to its salability. Enzymes help to optimize the elasticity and softness of the crumb so that the bread remains fresh for a long time.

Enzymes also play an important role in durable baked goods and confections. For example, they can prevent cracks in biscuits, significantly reduce energy costs for wafer production, and even reduce the formation of potentially hazardous acrylamide.

Manufacturers of cookies and crackers benefit from SternEnzym enzyme solutions. If the ideal flour varieties are not available or are too expensive, special enzymes enable adaptation for the optimum form stability, browning, and texture of baked goods.

Enzymes also offer an alternative to chemicals, an advantage given the growing desire for sustainable production costs and clean labels. They can reduce or even replace expensive additives, and thus contribute to a positive cost-benefit ratio. 

SternEnzym GmbH & Co. KG will be at the Munich fairgrounds at booth number B4 / 210.

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