Three awards to Beşler Group

11 February 20201 min reading

The successes of Beşler Group, which adds great value to Gaziantep and the country's economy in terms of production, export and employment, did not go unrequited. Beşler Flour, Beşan Starch and Beşyem Feed, all of which are among Turkey's Largest Industrial Enterprises lists, were awarded in Gaziantep Stars Award ceremony. The awards were received by Board Member Ahmet Çakmak on behalf of Beşler Flour, by Board Member Ömer Çakmak on behalf of Beşan Starch and by Board Member Emel Çakmak on behalf of Beşyem Feed.

Previously, Beşler Flour, Beşler Pasta and Beşyem Feed companies, operating under Beşler Group, were awarded as exports record holder by Turkey Exporters’ Assembly (TIM).

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