Trends in Biscuit and Bakery Products

24 May 20171 min reading

It is seen that biscuit and bakery products consumption grows and these industries develops as the out of home consumption culture grows. The biscuit and bakery industry which is growing steadily is moving forward by being renovated through the innovations thanks to the producers following the latest trends. Today, product variety and that this variety has been created through the requests and preferences of consumers can be considered of this improvement.


Today, fast pace of life caused consumers be interested more in healthy, light and tasteful products with vitamins. It also caused practical and fast out-of-home foods be more popular instead of traditional consumption. This consumption trend has become more and more obvious today. Therefore, biscuit producers and bakers are expected to provide high product variety. Creating this variety also requires new and different technologies. Researches on the question what the healthy biscuit is and at the same time, providing interesting products enough to compete with the other products in the market lead the producers search for innovations. For this reason, the route of the technology producers is determined with the requirements of the biscuit producers and bakers.

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