A premium project by Saray Biscuit

24 May 20172 min reading
Saray Biscuit is expanding its INOSUIT - Innovation-oriented Mentorship Project. Including the project to its processes by establishing a special intercorporate Innovation Committee, Saray is both organizing a set of training program planned for its staff, and riding high by reflecting all proposals in its business processes with the “Premium Idea” project. SARAY Participating in the INOSUIT-Innovation-oriented Mentorship Project which is launched by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Inovent the Sabancı University enterprise with the aim of increasing exports of the company by creating a sustainable added-value, Saray Biscuit has started to reap the fruits of victory of the program which will last for 11 months. Establishing an Innovation Committee for the project, Saray arranges special meetings in different facilities every week under the leadership of Project Consultant Ass. Prof. Güzide Karakuş. Aiming to increase the innovation capacity, the brand makes all staff from blue collars to white collars an inseparable part of the process by integrating the committee in the INOSUIT project. General Manager of Saray Biscuits, Ramazan Sümer told that they have developed a special project to determine aspects needed and required to be developed and added “With INOSUIT which is an innovation-oriented project, we have aimed to work in a structure in which innovation-looking processes are internalized. So, we have established an Innovation Committee with the aim of this. Thanks to support of our consultants, we have formed a requirements map and tried to determine which stages we need to improve.” PREMIUM IDEA Mr. Sümer said “We have launched a project called “Gold-like Idea” exclusively for Saray Biscuits staff.” and added “We have prepared our procedures to establish an idea facility.” We have set various systems by starting a special project in order that our employees can share their idea with us.” Mr. Sümer has told that they believe that they will develop further in innovation capacity of the brand with a common language to be prepared by mentors during the project, and stated “We think INOSUIT is a very valuable project. Our lofty goal is to achieve sustainable competition advantage by improving our business manner proven through innovative products and services with high added value.”
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