Turkish Exporters’ Assembly gives reward to Simit Sarayı

01 February 20182 min reading

Turkish Exporters’ Assembly selected Simit Sarayı as the biggest service exporter in gastronomy category. 


The 500 Top Service Exporters survey carried out by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly revealed that Simit Sarayı ranks the first in its sector. Simit Sarayı is selected as Turkey’s top service exporter in the gastronomy category. In total three largest exporters from 17 sectors are awarded. Exporting to 21 countries around the world, Simit Sarayı employs 11 thousand and 250 people in total in 22 countries that it operates. Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkçi and Turkish Exporters Assembly President Mehmet Büyükekşi gave the first prize to Abdullah Kavukcu, CEO of Simit Sarayı.

IRAQ’S FIRST BRANCH IN BAGHDAD On the other hand, Simit Sarayı, which makes a name for itself with investments made in the four continents of the world, continues to invest in the Middle East. Hosting more than one million guests daily in 22 countries around the world, with 11,250 employees, Simit Sarayı opened the first branch in Baghdad Mall, in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad. The interest of the Baghdad people was great. During the opening day, the guests visited Simit Sarayı and experienced the flavors on the menu. Getting full marks from Iraqis, Simit Sarayı plans to rapidly increase the number of stores in this country in 2018. Simit Sarayı, ‘Turkey’s Global Taste’, continues to invest abroad this year, entering Dubai, Serbia, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraqi markets.

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