Pasta makers at top of Turkey’s rising leaders’ list

01 February 20182 min reading

Three companies in the pasta sector are listed among top 100 firms in “Turkey’s rising leaders’ list.” Beşler Pasta tops the list.


Pasta companies marked the dynamic company survey jointly conducted by Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) and London Stock Exchange. Beşler Pasta tops ‘Turkey’s rising leaders’ list. Additionally, Oba and Mutlu Pasta appeared on the list, showing the sector’s overall success. It was remarkable that all three companies are based in Gaziantep, a Turkish city located near the Middle East market. The research conducted within the scope of the ELITE program which was designed to support innovative small and medium sized firms and was previously carried out in UK, EU countries and African countries by London Stock Exchange was lastly made in Turkey. Within the framework of the research, ‘Turkey’s rising leaders’ which was consisted of 1oo companies which achieved growth three consecutive years and ‘Turkey’s rising informatics leaders’ which was consisted of 68 companies were also determined. “Turkey’s Rising Leaders research shows that companies that have a leading structure in their sector have a big potential of creating value for the Turkish economy, provided that they sustain their potential in the future,” said Tarkan Kadooğlu, the chairman of TURKONFED. According to the research these 100 companies that made the list showed a growth of over 2 times the GDP growth rate in the same period in Turkey.

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