01 February 20181 min reading

Those companies with an eye on future works without making any sacrifice on quality and that act within hygiene rules in order to offer good quality products to customers make an investment on technology in parallel to development in the world. However, there has been a quality problem in bread due to the usage of the poor quality product and material in a large part of the country. 


Quality and quality control is a leading practice for today’s producers in bakery, pasta and biscuits facilities. Although it is ignored in bread and bakery sectors, quality control labs got up with global standards in the pasta and biscuits sectors. In order to bring the bakery sector up to the mark, bread prices should increase and bakery sector should be profitable. Particularly, bakery facilities cannot be renewed due to heavy rivalry and lack of enough profit. While there is constant renewal in the bakeries that sell diversified baked products in high-class districts, there is no renewal in the bakeries that are located in countryside and low-class districts due to poor quality materials. Worn-out materials that harm the bread are continuing to be used.

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