LIVZYM aims to export 1 billion dollars in the 10 billion dollars enzyme market

06 October 20212 min reading

The global industrial enzyme market has reached a value of 10 billion dollars. LIVZYM Biyoteknoloji aims to be the leading brand in the industrial enzyme market opening up to the world from Turkey.

Enzymes, which are mostly used in the starch, bakery, milk, and fruit juice industries in the food industry, are also used in many areas such as the detergent, textile, leather, paper, feed, biofuel, and personal care industries. Dr. Serdar Uysal, Chairman and General Manager of LIVZYM Biyoteknoloji, which has made a great investment in this field, said that the countries that share out the majority of the industrial enzyme market are Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. Stating that today, 2 billion dollars out of the global industrial enzyme market worth 10 billion dollars in total is located in Turkey and its nearby geography, Uysal noted that Turkey continues to mobilize domestic production in import items, particularly in energy, which increases the current account deficit. Uysal went on as follows: “With the production of a significant part of the enzyme used in the food industry in Turkey, it is possible to substitute our country's imports up to a certain extent. At LIVZYM, we aim to meet half the needs of the $2 billion market in our region and nearby geography and to position Turkey among exporting countries. LIVZYM, which set out to be one of the production facilities that will carry Turkey to the future in the field of biotechnology, will also sign enzyme exports approaching 1 billion dollars per year. We have transformed our long R&D and preparation process into production with a strong infrastructure, and we aim to sell around 1 to 1.5 million dollars in our first year alone."

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