Eti celebrates 60th anniversary

06 October 20212 min reading

Eti's journey of happiness, which started at the production facility where Eti's founder Firuz Kanatlı, as a 29-year-old young entrepreneur, who also made its architectural design, has reached its 60th year.

Eti, a well-established Turkish company, celebrates its 60th anniversary with two special commercials, inspired by the founding story that started with the dream of its founder Firuz Kanatlı. In the first of the commercials, the happiness adventure of Firuz Kanatlı from the first days until today with a great commitment to the corporate purpose of existence, which he determined with the phrase "There is no higher purpose than the happiness of humanity", is being told. In the film, which starts with a factory at dawn unprofessionally drawn on a piece of paper 60 years ago, the warm and sparkling effect of the happiness created by an ideal that will produce little happiness in everyone today is being felt. In the film, the fact that Eti has been working tirelessly with the same belief for a moment where everyone experiences happiness with more than 7 thousand employees, 9 production facilities, 50 brands and more than 300 products on the way that Eti set out in Eskişehir with a factory that produced small happiness with 20 employees is being underlined with the motto "Our purpose has always been in our minds for 60 years". The second of the commercials is based on the fact that the happiness of Eti, which touches the lives of millions of people, is not limited to the moments of pleasure its products provide. The film presents sections of Eti's ongoing social responsibility projects to serve social and environmental issues that need improvement, and to make people happy by offering experience opportunities where they can realize themselves.

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