Turkish firm produces self-cooling mixer

19 July 20182 min reading
Konya-based Memak made innovation for the particularly baked product sector. Memak introduces Neptun that is self-cooling mixer after long research and development works. Before this machine, this cooling has been carried out with adding ice to a dough kneading machine.NEPTUN005 Konya-based bakery machine producer Memak released Neptun, the cooling mixer, to the market after long research and development work. The machine will save the sector from a heavy burden. With this new machine, Memak will save enterprises from cooling cost and enable them to have a high-quality dough. Mehmet Nuri Er, a board member of Memak, said that the company made an innovation with this machine in Turkey, adding that the machine will lower the expenses for producers and help producers to have dough with better quality. He noted the company has continued its R&D work for long years, adding that Neptun solved one of the biggest problems of the sector. “Neptun is the first and only self-cooling mixer. Neptun will help enterprises to have efficient and quality producer process and will help them to lower their costs and to have a product with better quality. Producers will be ahead [of their rivals]. Companies add ice regularly in order to have dough with desired quality. This means extra cost. Ice machine, cooling depot, and electricity costs add extra burden over companies. Neptun will eliminate these costs, and also the machine will enable dough enzyme to rise at homogeneous cold and will pave the way for long-lasting and quality products,” he said.
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