Turkish Millers Aim for World Leadership at IDMA Istanbul

25 April 20244 min reading

The pulse of the flour, grain, feed, pulses processing industry, and mill machinery sector will be felt at IDMA Istanbul. With the sector reaching an export figure of approximately $4.2 billion in 2023, it aims for global leadership. IDMA, Turkey's first and only, and the world's largest fair in the sector, continues to be the export locomotive for domestic manufacturers. The 10th IDMA Istanbul, scheduled to take place at the Istanbul Expo Center on May 2-4, 2024, with a $500 million export target, will bring together all representatives of the industry in Istanbul.

IDMA, after hosting significant events in Russia and Indonesia, is returning to its homeland. Achieving the remarkable feat of exporting 90% of its production and reaching a record export figure of $4.2 billion in 2023, local manufacturers of flour, grain, feed, pulses production equipment, and mill machinery will aim to make their mark on the world stage with a $500 million export target at the 10th IDMA Istanbul, scheduled to take place at the Istanbul Expo Center on May 2-4, 2024. Amid the increasing significance of food security and accessibility during the global pandemic; the grain, pulses, feed, and mill machinery manufacturers will showcase their latest technologies at IDMA Istanbul, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world. IDMA Istanbul, serving as a platform where local manufacturers converge with other global players in the market, will host the sector's largest brands under one roof at its 10th edition.

The Agenda at the 5th International TABADER Summit is Innovation, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future.

The TABADER Summit, in its fifth edition this year, will host industry representatives from Turkey and around the world with special agendas and sessions. With four sessions discussing topics such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, technological advancements, and the future of milling, the summit will be led by internationally renowned experts. Alongside exploring the technological dimension of the global grain industry and production techniques, the summit will also address the economic, logistical, and social aspects. The special session of the summit will focus on "Women's Power in Milling Industry." Panelists will underline the impact of women in the milling industry and the role of women in the sector's success.

IDMA, the first and only fair of its kind in Turkey and the largest in the world, will open its doors in Istanbul with a target of $500 million in exports.

Muhammet Ali Kalkan
Chairman of HAGE Group

Muhammet Ali Kalkan, Chairman of HAGE Group, the organizer of IDMA fairs, which are the largest gatherings in the world in the sector with its successful international fairs in the sector of flour, grain, feed, pulses production equipment, and mill machinery; stated that ‘Being one of the main centers of Turkey's grain processing technologies industry and its proximity to the Middle East and African countries, where an increase in demand for agricultural products is expected, strengthens its position among the most important actors in the global market. IDMA, where technologies that convert grains and pulses, which are among the primary food needs and can be stored for a long time, into products usable by the final consumer, will be exhibited, will bring together all stakeholders of the sector for the 10th time in Istanbul. IDMA, which is Turkey's first and only, and the world's largest fair in the sector; not only demonstrates a commercial meeting that brings together manufacturers and buyers but also hosts TABADER summits for many years by displaying a vision beyond. IDMA, which recently took over the representation of the sector with the protocol signed with the Association of Mill and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD), will continue to be an organization bringing together the professionals of the sector in terms of food safety and sustainability, discussing the problems of relevant NGOs and academics, and developing solution proposals in the countries where it is held, as well as being a platform where new products and innovations come to the fore. By hosting the sector's stakeholders in its homeland Turkey in the 100th year of our republic, IDMA, which brought together Turkey's flour, feed, grain processing machinery, and mill manufacturers with Russia in 2022 and Indonesia in 2023 by being among the important manufacturers in the global market with strong production and quality product options, will host all stakeholders of the sector in its homeland Turkey. 10th IDMA Istanbul will take place at Istanbul Expo Center on May 2-4, 2024.

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