Ülker sells cake factory in Istanbul

06 October 20212 min reading

Ülker is moving its factory to Gebze in an attempt to gain a more efficient and competitive advantage in cake production. The company announced that it will sell the factory in Esenyurt, Istanbul together with the land.

Ülker Bisküvi, Turkey's leading food company, has decided to sell its factory in Esenyurt, Istanbul where it produces cakes, together with its land. Cake production will be moved from Esenyurt to Gebze, Kocaeli. In a statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), Ülker said, “Within the scope of operational efficiency and integration studies, the cake business making production in the Esenyurt factory has been decided to be moved to the area in the Gebze factory which has been allocated for expansion projects within the strategy of increasing quality, efficiency and competitive advantage in cake production, and the building in Esenyurt to be sold together with its land." It was emphasized that the relocation process will be realized by the end of 2021 for the continuity of production.

ÜLKER ACQUIRED ÖNEM GIDA On the other hand, Ülker Bisküvi acquired Önem Gıda A.Ş, one of the Yıldız Holding companies, from which it supplies the main inputs such as chocolate dough, flour, and hazelnuts, in order to provide high-level synergy in its main categories, chocolate, and bakery products. Önem Gıda, which produces chocolate paste, cocoa powder, drops, flakes and couverture chocolate in Topkapı, Istanbul; hazelnut processing and hazelnut puree in Giresun; and flour in Ankara and Karaman, is at the center of Ülker's input supply. Ülker CEO Mete Buyurgan said that Önem Gıda's acquisition will contribute to Ülker's achievement of its strategic goals for the coming period.

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