With more than 167 years of fermentation know-how

11 February 20206 min reading

For the end-user to have access to high-quality products with high nutritional value, we continue our investments without slowing down. We are proud of sharing the information inheritance and experience with bread-lovers. Every 1 of 3 breads made around the world is produced with Lesaffre products. With our information accumulation for more than 167 years, while we give production supports to all bakers throughout Turkey, as being the leader of the bakery sector, it is our first goal to increase the quality of breads on the table of every family in Turkey.

Ünsal Yamaner General Manager of Lesaffre Turkey

The bread which have entered into our lives with the rapid growth of healthy life and thus healthy eating trends have diversified. The sourdough bread which can be regarded as the return of the breads baked according to the traditional methods since the early ages to our lives are drawn a great deal of attention lately and popular among the foods that have countless benefits due to their different varieties and a unique and pleasant aroma. Our company’s main field of business and specialty is to provide a product with sourdough fermentation and fermentation itself for 167 years. Lesaffre has been producing fermentation products for 167 years and it is a global reference in the bakery sector worldwide particularly in terms of yeast. The most prominent proof of it is the fact that one in every three breads produced throughout the world is produced with Lesaffre products. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the fermentation business as Lesaffre keep our company in a significant position in the eyes of bakers not only for the yeast but also for the sourdough products and enhance the trust in our products.

TURKEY'S FIRST AND ONLY PRODUCER OF LIQUID SOURDOUGH It is important to listen the customers in the bakery sector. As Lesaffre Turkey, paying attention to what the customers want, following trends, creating new recipes, trying and suggesting new methods are among our priorities. The fact that the eating and drinking trends have changed in time, people have preferred different flavors, and most importantly, these flavors are accessible lead to alteration of our perspective towards the business as well. We see that every passing that the bakers are increasingly searching for new ways to increase the nutritiveness, reliability and quality of the sourdough bread. For responding to this situation, as Lesaffre Turkey, we added another innovation to the others we have provided to Turkey’s bakery sector since 1992 and we made the first production of sourdough in Turkey thanks to our investment in 2018. In this regard, we are pleased to present a first to our baker partners.

One of the greatest characteristics of Livendo Liquid Sourdough range of products that we develop in parallel with the needs of our bakers with regards to the sourdough is that we produce the liquid sourdough fermentation through the highest quality local flours supplied from various regions of Anatolia. Therefore, the breads made with Livendo liquid sourdoughs contain the taste and flavor which have been preferred, liked and used by Anatolian people for thousands of years and suitable for our plate. Our liquid sourdough serial which is in demand by the bakers becomes a new product serial which paves the way for producing bread in different flavors, textures and aromas due to its ease of mixing to the dough, stable quality, no need of preparation process of a sponge dough and its readiness for use. Our support to local production has also been as support to the bakery sector simultaneously. The breads produced by liquid sourdough products have been demanded all across Turkey by successfully reaching the end consumer. Accordingly, we, as Lesaffre Turkey, accelerate our efforts to improve our product range.

Our utmost priorities are to support bakery products manufacturers, boost the product range and quality they offer and enable the end customer to reach healthy, reliable and nutritious food via the new products to be involved in the Livendo Liquid Sourdough serial.

THE BREADS ON THE RACKS ARE FLOURISHING WITH INVENTIS We brought different bread mixes into baker’s use taking the needs of our customers into consideration in 2019. There are wide ranges of products which will appeal to the all taste buds from the most demanded breads worldwide to local breads in Inventis Bread Mix family which involves 15 different bread mix. In addition, we have enabled our bakers to diversify their racks with the Breads with Chia seed, Popcorn and Tarhana (soup with dried yoghurt) what we called as the “New generation breads”; Whole Wheat, Rye, Multi-grain and Village Breads which are now classic; and breads for which we offer flavors from the world such as the German Rye, Russian Rye and Scandinavian Breads as well as Einkorn wheat, Buckwheat, Yellow Wheat, Safranbolu and Corn Bread mixes prepared peculiar to the regions.

BREAD TASTING EVENTS WILL SPREAD TO TURKEY While we continuously pursue our investments to ensure that the end consumer gets quality products with high nutritional value, we are applying our global vision which we determine as better food and future in a similar way in Turkey. On the one hand, we provide production support to all bakers in Turkey with our 167 years of knowledge; on the other hand, we carry out comprehensive projects aiming at reaching the end consumer.

Lastly, we presented the artisan breads developed through special recipes by Lesaffre Turkey’s bakers who are food engineers and bakery technicians to the consumers in the taste event held in January 2020 in Ankara and got very affirmative feedbacks. Spreading these events throughout Turkey and reaching more those whole love breads are among our highest priorities.

WE WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT BAKERS The bakers are our business partners in this sector. They are the most important stakeholders in reaching the end-user and the consumer. Therefore, our all efforts are based on ensuring that they make more practical and delicious breads and the customers eat more quality breads. We are perfecting our products to increase their benefits for the people and their lives by appreciating the value of what we take from nature as we stated in our global vision. In this respect, we rely on our personnel’s ability and their commitment to work, the power of our industrial equipment and the full potential of our natural fermentation solutions obtained from yeast and by-products. As Lesaffre Turkey, every product we develop bears the same purpose: Better food and future through an environmentally friendly approach for our world. We are proud to share our information heritage and experience with those who love bread. Therefore, as the leading supplier in the bakery sector, improving the quality of the bread eaten on the table of every family in Turkey becomes prominent.

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