Ammeraal Beltech launches EP uniTool

01 February 20222 min reading

Ammeraal Beltech launches its innovative new design facilitation and knowledge resource, the EP uniTool, as part of an ongoing strategy to better serve its customers.

As part of an ongoing digital strategy, Ammeraal Beltech has created a new resource that allows its engineers to correctly dimension conveyor belts for any application faster and more accurately than ever before, harnessing decades of experience and know-how across the widest possible range of applications. The EP uniTool contains technical equations based on a thorough knowledge of materials, construction and performance parameters, enabling engineers to correctly dimension a conveyor based on the application needs, the system layout and any other factors that might come into play.

Michael Wilhelmer, President Business Area Conveyor Belting at Ammega, “EP uniTool is yet another very important step in the digitalizing of the conveyer business. As always, our aim is to bring our customers closer to us and to make working together with us easier for them.”

Alex Ludvigsen, Head of Ammeraal Beltech Modular, is looking forward to what the EP uniTool can contribute to the company and its customers: “EP uniTool is a major milestone in the journey of EASE-OFDOING-BUSINESS with us. It is extremely important that the requisite accurate information on our products is digitally available, both for our colleagues in-house and for our partners and customers, and I’m very pleased to be able to announce the launch of this valuable new resource.”


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