Barilla to focus on packaged ready-made food

23 November 20202 min reading

Barilla Gıda is studying on packaged ready-made food sector, which has been on the rise recently. “We are planning to implement significant projects also in this area in the forthcoming period,” Barilla Gıda's Commercial Marketing Manager Şefik İnan said.

Organized for the 6th time this year with the cooperation of Sustainability Academy and Food Industry Employers' Association of Turkey (TÜGİS) and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, The Sustainable Food Summit, was held in the digital environment because of the pandemic. The theme of the summit was "The Future of Food - Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Period". In the summit, which hosted the prominent food and nutrition experts from leading various organizations from Turkey and the world, the current situation of the food system during the pandemic that has exercised influence over the entire world was taken under the spotlight.

[caption id="attachment_4004" align="alignright" width="112"] Sefik İnan[/caption]

At the panel held within the scope of the summit, Barilla Gıda Commercial Marketing Manager Şefik İnan gave a speech about the future plans of Barilla. “Healthy nutrition has become a significant trend on a global scale. Consumers, in light of this trend, turned to obtain most of their protein needs from herbal foods. As Barilla, we have products in our international portfolio in this scope. We are working on how to develop these products in the local scale. On the other hand, we are conducting R&D studies to make Ata Seeds (heirloom), our national heritage, a part of our daily nutrition routine. Another trend that has recently been on the rise is packaged ready-made food. We are planning to implement significant projects also in this field in the forthcoming period," İnan said.

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