Development of Industrial Baking

02 June 20211 min reading

In the process of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have experienced deep concerns about healthy food. Due to health concerns, products produced by industrial furnaces have been in great demand. All over the world, interest in packaged bread types has reached the highest level. The production of Industrial Furnaces, which can make production without intensive manpower, has increased. Many local governments have speeded up their investments in this area. Some municipalities backdated their investments to open new bread factories.

Industrial Bakery Technologies, which have been developing rapidly in the last decade, started to gain more significance with the pandemic. Thanks to the industrial bakery, it is possible to produce bread without human intervention from the flour silo to the packaging stage. Now, for companies, it is not enough to just make production, it is also necessary to produce healthy products that are both economical and with high nutritional value. Products must be produced and packaged under hygienic conditions. Intense interest in industrial furnace investments, which can take care of all of these under the same roof, goes on.


  • “Domestic companies should be given priority in public investments”
    “In government investments, the authorities should give priority to domestic companies while using the country's resources consisting of our taxes, and this rule should be in force for every sector. In this way, our state will set an example for private sector investors with its domestic investments. Of course, we also need to explain and introduce ourselves to large-scale investors better.”
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  • Public bread investments of municipalities stimulated industrial bakery sector
    “Our baker colleague, who was going to do industrial production 20 years ago, preferred foreign companies. The main reason why he preferred the foreign company was quality. However, in recent years, machinery companies manufacturing for the bakery sector have revolutionized and meet almost 99% of our country's machinery needs and have achieved a very rapid growth in exports. So, we can do it, as long as our fellow countrymen work and this is the best example.”
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