Throne of tea and simit is shaking

02 June 20212 min reading

Simit, which is one of our most popular street foods, is being replaced by snacks.

There is no one who has not tasted the tea-simit duo, which has been kept alive as a tradition for a long time. Simit, which is made in every corner of our country and is easy to reach, is one of the street foods that have turned into a passion. It is an easily procured product in bakeries, markets, grocery stores and kiosks. In short, it is very easy to put the tea and simit duo together. So much so that the tea-simit duo is mentioned in national income calculations. The Covid-19 pandemic started to separate the tea-simit duo, which is a food for every budget with its filling, delicious and affordable price. In the “Tea Consumption Habits” research prepared by Pragma Research and Consultancy for Marketing Türkiye, we see that “tea-simit”, which is identified with tea culture and even has a place in our lives as a ritual, has lost its popularity. According to the research, 25 percent of the participants stated that they consume biscuits with tea, while 13 percent stated that they prefer cake products. The traditional companion of tea, simit, takes third place with 11 percent. According to the same research, tea is among the most consumed hot drinks. The “coffee” category, which includes soluble coffee products and coffee products such as filter coffee, Americano and Cappuccino, ranks second among the most consumed hot drinks. Unlike other coffee products, "Turkish Coffee", which has its own title, takes third place, while herbal teas take fourth place.

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