Filiz voted most reputable in the pasta sector

07 June 20232 min reading
Filiz, which has been operating in the pasta sector for half a century, was named the most reputable brand in the pasta category in the Turkey Reputation Index Survey. 

Filiz has been awarded the most reputable pasta brand in the Turkey Reputation Index Survey. The 12th edition of the Turkey Reputation Index Survey was organised this year in cooperation with Beykoz University and Reputation Academy. As part of the award programme, Turkey’s most reputable institutions and brands were identified in 65 categories. The Turkey Reputation Index Survey was conducted between 15 December 2022 and 15 January 2023 with the academic support of Beykoz University and the rapporteur of Bursa Technical University, with the participation of approximately 15,000 people across Turkey. In the research, 65 sectors that are the locomotive of Turkey were examined and the most reputable companies in their sectors were identified.

With its “From Field to Table” approach, Filiz transforms all processes from the development of Turkish gastronomy to seed supply and sustainable production into a story of care. With the discourse “Our care is the same”, the brand carries out its activities with the aim of connecting society with the delicious, nutritious and sustainable food of Turkish cuisine. The brand is also strengthening its position in the market with its contract farming initiatives. In 2019, Filiz was completely renewed with the combination of the highest quality wheat carefully grown by farmers across Anatolia in a new special blend. In 2020, it became the first company to commit to producing 100% Turkish wheat.

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