France to train 9 thousand bakers

06 April 20211 min reading

The French National Bakery-Pastry Confederation stated that approximately 9,000 bakers are needed in the country. The confederation will train new professional bakers to fill this gap.

Dominique Anract, President of the French National Bakery-Pastry Confederation, said: “The advantage of a job training apprenticeship is that you can find a bakery where you can study close to you, there were 33,000 workplaces in France where you could study bakery. The work-study program is open to all French people between the ages of 16 and 30”. “Today, with urban migration, you will have a lot of jobs to take over in villages and towns. We will need professionals so you will have a guaranteed career,” told Dominique Anract. “In France, assistance is available for those who want to start their activities in rural revitalization zones (ZRR), which brings together a group of approximately 14,000 municipalities recognized as socio-economically vulnerable. These are exemptions from property tax and income tax for five years, as well as tax benefits and social contribution exemptions. Considered as important businesses, bakeries never closed their doors during the Covid-19 crisis, unlike businesses in the hotel and catering industry,” he added.

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