New era begins at Istanbul Chamber of Bakery

29 May 20182 min reading
An era has been closed at Istanbul Chamber of Bakery. Erdoğan Çetin, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Çetinler Group, took over the presidency of the chamber from Fahri Özer, who held the position for twenty-two years.  Istanbul Chamber of Bakery, one of the biggest trade boards in the city, elected a new president. Fahri Özer, who held the presidency for 22 years, Erdoğan Çetin and Akif Tüylüoğlu run for the office at the general meeting with election. 456 members out of 909 voters casted their votes. As a result, Erdoğan Çetin that received 173 votes has been elected as the new president. Akif Tüylüoğlu received 167 votes while Fahri Özer received 116 votes. With this result, the era of Fahri Özer, who held the presidency of Istanbul Chamber of Bakery, for twenty-two years, was ended. Following his election as the president of Istanbul Chamber of Bakery, Erdoğan Çetin, the owner of Çetinler Bakery Products from Kastamonu, said his company has many bakeries in Istanbul but added that he is not happy with the current situation. Saying that the situation of bakery sector in Istanbul has not been good, Çetin said “We prepared for the election with unity and solidarity, and we won. We will serve the bakery sector without making any distinction. We will manage the chamber based on service.” erdogan-cetin                         Eşref Şeref Keleş, Refik Çakır, Muhammet Usta, Recep Karaduman, Yavuz Demirkol, Erkan Çelik, Ahmet Sarı, Nevzat Kodak, Mustafa Yurdakul, Orhan Özel, and Erhan Akkuş are in the list of Erdoğan Çetin.
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