Filiz Makarna selected most reputable of sector

06 April 20212 min reading
[caption id="attachment_4412" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Gökçe Uysal / Marketing Manager / Barilla Gıda[/caption]

Filiz Makarna was chosen “Most Reputable of the Year” in the food category at The One Awards, where brands increasing their reputation the most during the year are awarded.

Filiz Makarna, which has broken grounds in the pasta industry for nearly half a century, was awarded the “Most Reputable of the Year” in the food industry at The One Awards, one of the most important standards of the marketing industry. The most reputable brands of the year in 53 categories were determined at the 7th The One Awards, based on the research “Reputation and Brand Value Performance Measurement” held in cooperation with Marketing Turkey and market research company Akademetre. As a result of the research conducted by interviewing 1,200 people in 12 cities, the brands that were entitled to this title were awarded at the ceremony held online.

Filiz, who deserved to be the “Most Reputable of the Year” as a result of evaluations made under different categories such as brand awareness, trust, advice, commercial activities, social responsibility, and advertising campaigns, was fully refreshed in 2019 by bringing together the best quality wheat carefully grown by farmers all over Anatolia in a new special blend. “As Filiz, after our special wheat blend journey that we started two years ago, we have intensified our initiatives for agricultural production which has recently reminded its vital importance once again and our farmers, which are indispensable for this field. As a result, we became the first brand to commit to 100 percent Turkish wheat. It is very pleasing and proud to be rewarded for these efforts”, said Gökçe Uysal, Marketing Manager Responsible for Filiz at Barilla Gıda at her speech at the ceremony.

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