FRITSCH launches under the umbrella of MULTIVAC

15 August 20193 min reading

Green light from the Federal Cartel Office: on 1 August 2019, FRITSCH launches under the umbrella of MULTIVAC

One month after the announcement that MULTIVAC will be overtaking the FRITSCH Group, the Federal Cartel Office completed its examination and gave its approval. As of 1 August 2019, the newly founded FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is officially under the umbrella of the MULTIVAC Group. Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel become Managing Directors. Both are from MULTIVAC and have longstanding management experience. “With the takeover, FRITSCH remains an independent company and, at the same time, becomes a part of a strong group of companies. That means FRITSCH will continue to operate in a spirit of partnership with its customers and suppliers, very close to the customer and with the accustomed reliability,” says MULTIVAC’s Vice President Sales & Operations Andreas Eyd who, since 2017, has been responsible for Central Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and Oceania. “The FRITSCH brand name is highly respected throughout the industry for its high quality machines and lines, and holds great potential for the future. We want to realize that potential with the right internal processes,” Eyd explains.

For its performance and successes in over 90 years, the name FRITSCH has stood worldwide for Excellence Made in Germany in the bakery technology industry. By creating new future-ready developments and custom solutions, FRITSCH offers everything that the artisanal and industrial baker needs to produce first-rate baked goods. FRITSCH was founded in 1926 and, over the decades, has developed into an innovative manufacturer in the dough sheeting and dough processing sector. For handcraft and industrial production, FRITSCH offers economical and technologically sophisticated solutions ranging from sheeting machines and individual components to complete lines in all segments. Despite this, FRITSCH ran into economic difficulties and had to file for insolvency in mid-April 2019.

Thanks to the takeover by MULTIVAC and current restructuring, the company is optimally set for the future. “As a specialist for dough processing lines, FRITSCH has outstanding engineering competence and makes use of this and its great technical and technological know-how for developing tailor-made custom solutions,” says Frank Gabriel, who has worked at MULTIVAC for eight years and became Managing Director of MULTIVAC Production in Spain in 2017. “We want to apply this knowledge in a targeted manner, and combine it with the worldwide sales and service network of MULTIVAC,” Gabriel emphasizes.

The sale and service of FRITSCH products will in future be handled by MULTIVAC’s 87 subsidiaries, who are present on all five continents. That is one of the most important changes in the restructuring of the company. FRITSCH will thus increase its customer proximity considerably with much faster response to service calls with technicians on-site. The subsidiaries are investing in expanding sales and service teams specialized in the bakery industry. This will enable them to offer customers end-to-end solutions for producing and packaging baked goods over the entire life cycle. “Together, MULTIVAC and FRITSCH can offer integrated solutions in this exciting industry and be extraordinarily successful in the future,” Gabriel is confident.

New products will continue to be developed and manufactured under the well-known name of FRITSCH in the original location of Markt Einersheim. At the FRITSCH Technology Center, the company offers its customers outstanding conditions for developing new recipes and testing new products and processes. There, the FRITSCH lines can be tested in almost any combination in a practically real-world setting. With the innovations developed there, FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG aims to continue to play a leading role in the bakery industry into the future.

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