FRITSCH launches under the umbrella of MULTIVAC

04 October 20192 min reading

FRITSCH Group, which has investments also in Turkey, entered under the roof of packaging giant Multivac. After reviewing the application of MULTIVAC’s acquisition of the FRITSCH Group in July, the Federal Cartel Office gave the green light.

One month after the announcement that MULTIVAC will be overtaking the FRITSCH Group, the Federal Cartel Office completed its examination and gave its approval. As of 1 August 2019, the newly founded FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is officially under the umbrella of the MULTIVAC Group. FRITSCH ran into economic difficulties and had to file for insolvency in mid-April 2019. Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel become Managing Directors. Both are from MULTIVAC and have longstanding management experience. “With the takeover, FRITSCH remains an independent company and, at the same time, becomes a part of a strong group of companies. That means FRITSCH will continue to operate in a spirit of partnership with its customers and suppliers, very close to the customer and with the accustomed reliability,” says MULTIVAC’s Vice President Sales & Operations Andreas Eyd who has been responsible for Central Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and Oceania since 2017. “The FRITSCH brand name is highly respected throughout the industry for its high quality machines and lines, and holds great potential for the future. We want to realize that potential with the right internal processes,” Eyd explains. By creating new future-ready developments and custom solutions, FRITSCH offers everything that the artisanal and industrial baker needs to produce first-rate baked goods.

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