Istanbul Public Bread uses organic flour from Kars

04 October 20192 min reading

An organic wheat called “Bezostaja” and cultivated in Digor district of Kars is delivered to the Public Bread of Istanbul Metropolitian Municipality that offers different varieties of baked products including bread. Bezostaja’s seed was brought from Russia and adapted by the Anatolian Agricultural Research Center and cultivated in 50 thousand of area at Kocaköy of Digor district of Kars province. The rural area plants average of 400 thousand to 1 million tons of organic wheat annually. Most of the harvest is sold to the Public Bread of Istanbul Metropolitian Municipality. Adem Ertaş, a member of the board of the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) and the officer of East Anatolian Region, said that Kocaköy of Digor district is famous with its wheat. Saying that the village plants bezostaja wheat and its yield is high, Ertaş said that “Wheat production has continued in this region for hundreds of years by our producer. Wheat is cultivated organically, and Kocaköy has about 1000-1500 organic producers.” Ertaş added the following: “400 thousand tons of wheat produced here will go to the Istanbul Public’s Bread Factory. Ankara Public’s Bread Factory has started organic production in recent years. I hope they find the producer; farmers continue to plant as long as they earn income.”

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